Working with seniors and their families to address their special needs and concerns when relocating and selling the family home.

Movers & Stagers can assist with relocation plans by helping to:
• Evaluate the level of assistance you will need.
• Help you choose the location near your current home, closer to your family, or perhaps, to a warmer climate.
• Evaluate your current resources, and the money you will need for daily living.
• Determine if the equity in your home can provide the resources needed for your retirement.
• Evaluate different lifestyles based upon your needs and desires: condominiums, retirement communities, independent-living communities, assisted-living facilities, life care communities, or nursing care.
• Establish a timeline and help you decide when is the best time to move.

We work with our clients to:
• Find a qualified mover.
• Visit the new residence to assess the layout.
• Help sort out and coordinate furniture, clothing and essentials to be taken to the new residence.
• Help unpack and set-up the new residence.
• Arrange for unwanted items to be delivered to charities and other organizations in need.
• Arrange for remaining items to be removed.
• Arrange for a final cleaning of the house.

We help stage your home for sale:
• Arrange for sprucing up of the exterior for added curb appeal.
• Arrange for touching-up and painting, as needed.
• We rearrange or remove furniture to make rooms appear larger and clutter-free.
• We remove unnecessary objects and pictures from furniture, walls, and kitchen and bathroom counters.
• Arrange for cleaning of carpets, drapes and windows, as needed.

We help stage and organize your new residence for safety and convenience:
• We assess the space available in the new residence.
• We help unpack and set-up the new residence.
• We arrange and place furniture in the new home to optimize safety and freedom of movement.
• We arrange the kitchen and bathroom for safety and easy access.

Movers & Stagers serves clients in the Boston, Newton, Chestnut Hill, Brookline, Needham, Wellesley, Weston, Waltham, Watertown and MetroWest areas. Give us a call today at 617-797-7321 to see how we can help you, or contact us through the form on this website.