When is it time for me or my aging parent to downsize?
• When home maintenance, yard work, and snow removal become too much to manage.
• When you find yourself living in only a few rooms of your home.
• When your home has stairs and other obstacles which have become difficult to navigate.
• When you need help with meals and other routine tasks.

How do I decide which living option is right?
As your Move Manager, we will help you choose your best option:
• A move to a smaller home or condominium with less responsibility and less maintenance.
• A move to a senior community or independent living facility where some meals are provided.
• A move to an assisted living facility where meals and personal assistance are provided.

What do I need to take to my new residence?
We can help you make these important decisions:
• Assess the new space and decide what possessions will fit in that space.
• Take only the furniture, clothing, and essentials to the new residence.

How do I arrange for the move and the set-up of my new residence?
As your Move Manager, we will help you with the following:
• Arrange for the move.
• Help sort and organize furnishings, clothing, and personal items.
• Unpack and help set up the new residence keeping safety and ease-of-movement measures in mind.
• Arrange for unwanted items to be delivered to charities (see more below)

Where will my unwanted possessions go?
Unwanted items can be donated to the following:
• Deliver unused food to food pantries
• Deliver unused clothing to shelters and charities, such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army
• Deliver unwanted towels and blankets to charities and animal shelters
• Arrange for Coalition for the Homeless or another charity to pick up wanted furniture

How do I sell my home in today’s market?
• We will help you prepare your home for sale by staging the home to showcase its best features. The objective is to create a great first impression for a potential buyer and to get top dollar for your home.
• We can also provide you with the correct pricing, based on current market data.